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Introducing the
JUNO series 
full valve
ar Amps

The Noisy HAmmer Juno Series


We promised big things for 2024, and it doesn't get much bigger than the introduction of our new family of products, the Juno Series.

Comprising 3 amps, a 5w single channel, and 15w and 50w twin-channel versions, and matched 1x12, 2x12 and 1x15 Jensen loaded cabinets, the Juno Series offers the highest levels of tonal excellence.

We’re also delighted to announce the release of the Juno Series Reverb Unit, a standalone handcrafted full 17” dual spring reverb tank. 


For further details, please click on the product listings below.


Handcrafted in our Norwich, UK workshop, our Juno Series amps and cabs are available in either English Ash or Walnut. 


Our amps and cabs are all custom built to order, current lead times on all Juno amps and cabs is estimated to be around 6-8 weeks.

Juno Series amp Specifications

  • All-valve signal path

  • 5w, 15w or 50w output

  • ECC83 and EL84 valves

  • Hand-wired in UK

  • UK Made Transformers

  • Dumble style preamp and EQ

  • 5w single channel

  • 15w & 50w 2 channel w/footswitch

  • Solid Walnut or English Ash enclosure