New HQ Coming Soon!

In an unprecedented change of situation, we will be upgrading our Norwich HQ.

We are moving all of 200ft to take over this shop/workshop outside, on the street and out in the real world.

Honestly not planned but when the world offers you a step up, you take it.

Still a little way off but it's all in motion and we gonna make this wonderful little place our new home and HQ.

We have lots planned for it, yet keeping our standard rad custom guitar cabinet builds and operations going.

Like a mini show room, appointment only booking, easy services and repairs capabilities, improved cnc and laser engraving, more efficient clean and fun work stations and generally making our custom and personal service better for you.

So heres to awesome news.

Taking chances and being humble.

Time to let this small business grow.

Come visit and play our hand made guitar cabinets.

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