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  • Repair and Servicing

    If you are in need of maintenance or repair work for your guitar amplifier and/or speaker cabinet, our team can assist you. We offer comprehensive servicing including minor repairs and major refurbishments to ensure your equipment is functioning at its best. Our initial diagnosis and inspection fee is £50, which allows us to provide you with a cost estimate for the work needed, much like a car MOT. Our services include a complete diagnostic check, internal electronic cleaning, speaker and reverb tank inspection, and a minor service on pots, jacks, and fuses. Please note that we do not offer repair services for guitars, solid-state amplifiers, hi-fi equipment, keyboards, or PA systems.

  • Shop Appointment

    If you are interested in discussing your requirements with our team, we highly recommend scheduling a time slot to visit our workshop. This will guarantee you a personalized, one-on-one experience with our team members who will be able to provide you with tailored advice. You can use this option for general appointments, such as collecting orders, discussing custom projects, or coming in to try our handbuilt amps and cabs.

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